RaceSimulatorItaly renews itself!

New look and new features for RSI

As you can see, our website (forum excluded, we’ll talk about this later) has a new look and a couple of brand new features. Starting from the top, we can see two flags, one is italian and the other is english. Yes, now the entire site is translated in both languages!

In the top section of the website again, there is a login button: in few days it will be possible to register/log in to the main webiste and you will be able to manage everything from there. This will simplify the work for us for what concerns the registration to the various series and events. You will be able to login to the website using the email address in use on the forum, plus a random password which will be sent through email, of course you will be able to change it to what you prefer.  The inactive users on the forum has been deleted, and they will need to complete a new registration directly on the website, if they wish.

All the stuff that concerns the various events and series will be managed directly on the website, and the forum will remain active only for what concerns the dynamic simulation, as at the beginning of our activity. Of course all of you are invited to join our Discord channel, which is our main platform for chatting.

At the center of the front  page you can see some images, the top one is about the upcoming race, there is also a useful countdown. Under this, there are three images, they are about the current RSI series, if you click one of them you will be sent to the main page of the given series, with all the info and features. You can go to this page by also clicking the same series in the top menu, under SERIES.

Soon will be publish also the final detalis of the upcoming season 2 of the RSI GT3 World Series and a little surprise, so stay tuned!