The activity of RaceSimulatorItaly ends here

We are sorry to announce you that the activity of RSI ends here, both the present and the future one. Sorry, but we don’t have any other solution, nor a single reason to keep going.

The decision comes from the current situation, no longer sustainable, both on and outside the track. Monday night has become a day of controversy and disappointments, instead of a day when you can switch off from life and have fun together, as it used to be in the past.

It’s been a few months now that we notice a lack of fun from everyone, both us and you, the races are always odd and problematic, the quality of the races has decreases drastically, the number of DNFs increases more and more, as well as the number of those who do not know and follow the rules, feeding useless and annoying controversies. The result is that no one reaches the checkered flag with a smile, and when there is no fun there is no sense to keep doing this, in the end not matter how expensive and high-tech our hardware is, we are always in front of a monitor pretending to be real drivers, because this is our passion and this makes us have fun.

Behind the scene there is a huge work, without salary, where the purpose is solely and exclusively to give you place where you can have fun, we did our best both to differentiate ourselves from the others and to give you that extra thing that you can’t find in other places, but we have failed in this task, and we are sorry.

Before the start of the current season there were the same probles, as some of you know our existence was already in doubt, but we decided to go ahead with the idea of solving all the problems, unfortunately the first races of the two current championships have only worsened the situation, making us arrive at this painful but necessary solution, one must know how to recognize when it is time to stop something that no longer works, and that moment is now.


I therefore announce that the Formula RSI and GT3 World Series championships ends here, as the activity in creating/organizing events ends definitively.

Registered and paid users of the GT3 championship will of course receive a refund, as we have already paid three months of server usage the refund will be 6 euros. It will take a few days, but by next week all registered users will receive this refund.


I thank all those who have supported us over the years, both verbally and economically, without you obviously nothing would have existed, we have had fun and we have made friends, we spent beautiful evenings together, and of course this is not supposed to end, our discord channel will remain active (it could change its name), we will always be available to all of you for anything, support, a chat, really, anything.

The activity of Team RSI remains the same.


Whether you are sad, happy or unconcerned by this decision, happy SimRacing to all of you, we’ll meet again on track somewhere else.


Alessio, Daniele, Edoardo