Silverstone (2 seasons, DRS) 1.04

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Silverstone (2 seasons, DRS) 1.04 by Patrick Giranthon


Hi all.

After my decision to let down the GSC version I reworked some weeks ago, I changed my mind about Silverstone.
I had to fix many things there to have finally something good.
All is not perfect and still some details could be reworked but globally I am now satisfied.

All of us can thank Gringo for his help here, about the AIW (hard to setup) and all the other things (some fixes, packing, and others tweaks).
Thanks to Denis for loading screen.
Thanks to Luigi for is special cams.

2 seasons and a separate DRS version for each.
Shame on me, I mainly tested in CART, but it was good :D

Note : GSC version was taken from WCP website with A.F. permissions