Road America 2016 1.0

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– I consider this a version 1.0 however I know there are things on the track I could improve but I won’t have time in the next months. This track modding is like there is always something you can fix/do better on the track
– the track was made with 3D trees so the performance is low, you need a good PC
– despite my efforts the track doesn’t look like how I wanted to look like because the game limits the maximum shadowcasting range:
– I spent much more time with the AI than on Mosport to make sure it’s competitive but I couldn’t figure out how to make it faster in the kink (turn 11). It’s a very high speed corner and some cars just don’t want to behave how I want it :D if you find that certain car/mod is slow in the kink then increase the AI strength, they will gain time mostly there by gaining grip. Cars which slow down too much in my experience: ISI Nissan GTR/Chevrolet GT2, Stockcar 2015. Obsiously I couldn’t test all the mods. The URD and the Enduracers mods are good. :)
– this track was a one person project from start to finish. Thanks to hexagramme for the advices (AI) and Steve76 who made the racegroove mapping. Thanks for the testing Emery and Chris Lesperance
– if my time let me to do it I will make an update with the bend version (I couldn’t finish this) and with billboard trees or X trees and some optimizations
– right now this is the best I can do

This is it for now, have fun!