Gruppo C 0.95 per rFactor 2 by Mak Corp

Una della mod più brutali ed entusiasmanti per rFactor 2, il Gruppo C by Mak Corp, si aggiorna alla versione 0.95 con una fantastica novità!

gruppo C

Oltre ai vari fix la protagonista di questo aggiornamento è la superba Sauber C11, lo storico prototipo di casa Mercedes utilizzato nella categoria Gruppo C nei primi anni ’90, guidata anche da un giovane Michael Schumacher nella 24ore di Le Mans nel 1991.
La vettura si andrà ad aggiungere alle varie Mazda 787B e Porsche 962C, auto che non hanno bisogno di presentazioni.

Changelog v0.95

  • ADDED: New vehicle, Sauber C11
  • ADDED: New template pack including the Sauber C11
  • ADDED: New Skins by Arturo Pereira, Damian Baldi and Daniel Gomez
  • UPDATED: All sounds have been updated and re-balanced
  • UPDATED: Wiper now removable in interior views through upgrades
  • UPDATED: Mod manual PDFs
  • UPDATED: UI Menu pictures redone
  • UPDATED: Various graphical elements
  • FIXED: Various graphical elements
  • FIXED: Specular issue with banners
  • FIXED: Headlight flickering
  • FIXED: Undershadow on all cars

Both 787B and 962C

  • Some inertias have changed to give a more natural movement to the cars. This has made the cars more dynamic giving more feedback to the driver on traction and makes it easy to drive close behind another car.
  • The tyre wear and degradation curves have changed. Now tyres could be used until the end of their life with a more homogeneous be
  • A small delay has been added to the H shifter to make it fair against drivers using pads


  • The peak of torque on the WSC engine has been moved from 5500 to 5000 RPM making it exactly like the Type 962/72 engine from the World Sportscar Championship. This new range of torque allows drivers to take some corners in a higher gear saving fuel while driving in endurance mode.



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