Porsche Cup USA – Info & Rules

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1. General info
2. Format & Server info
2.1 Classes and Test Races
2.2 Race start procedure
3. Weather
4. Skins
5. Points + Rules

1. General info

You must be registered to our Forum, otherwise the registration will not be accepted.

SIMULATOR: rFactor 2


PRICE/ENTRY FEE: A donation of minimum 5 euros is required, donate HERE

The registration procedure will follow 2 steps:

Step 1 – Registration will opens on March 19, 20:00 CET, all drivers can now sign-up themselves, the minimum donation of 5 euros is not required at this stage.

Step 2 – When we reach at least 20 registrations, all the registered drivers can now begin to make the donation of minimum 5 euros. This will be communicated on both Forum and Discord, this stage will have a deadline which is the 15th April, so, all the registered drivers will have to donate before the start of the championship.
We strongly suggest you to make sure you will take part in the championship before the donation, as there will be no refunds.

Please include your name in the PayPal message, otherwise we’ll be not able to recognize who is making the donation.

If you sign-up yourself at championship started, you will need to donate during the registration, or max few days later, but not before the upcoming race.

You can donate for another member, however don’t forget to let it know to an admin first.
The donations will allow us to pay for the server for the entire lenght of the championship.


Porsche 911 GT3 R
Sebring International Raceway

You already own the car if you have purchased the
GT3 Challengers Pack


2. Format & Server info

Practice 24/7
Server reboot – 20:00 CEST
Qualy – 20 min | 21:30 CEST
Warmup – 5 min | 21:50 CEST
Race – 45 min | 21:55 CEST

The race of round 4 – Daytona – is 90 min long, with double points.

Fuel x1
Tire wear x1
Manual rolling start (*2.1)
Time Scale x1
Weather: real (*3.)

TC/ABS: factory (ON – configurables on multiple levels)
Automatic Clutch: on

Free Setups
Free Strategy

Server name: RSI Porsche Cup USA
Password: will be sent by email after the sign-up

2.1 Classes and Test Races

The entry list will be splitted in two classes, Gold (the fastest) and Silver (slowest). All the drivers races in the same race of course, but the two classes have each own standing & points assignment.

A test race is needed in order to sort the classes. There are 2 test races. If you can’t participate in the test race 1, you can partecipate in the test race 2. It doesn’t matter which race you do or if you do both, each driver must partecipate at least in one of the two test races.
However, the more data the better, so you can partecipate in both races if you want.

If you are not going to partecipate in none of the test races, please contact an admin as soon as possible.
Qualy result, race pace, safety and reliability are the data we will use to sort the classes.

2.2 Race start procedure

– Single file rolling start. There isn’t the typical rF2’s formation lap, but after having lined up on the grid, it is necessary to wait for the green lights that will start after the countdown visible in chat (at the end of the countdown the sequence of start lights is triggered, not directly the green light, so wait for it). At the green light, activate the pitlimiter and proceed in single file keeping your starting position. Keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you.

– Do not overlap and do not pass, in case you pass by mistake, slow down and let the driver to re-pass you, otherwise a penalty will be assigned.
Do not deactivate the pitlimiter during the formation phase. In cause of troubles, slow down and reach the last car of the group, you can deactivate the pitlimiter in this case, only if you have issues and you need to catch the last car of the group, activate the pitlimiter again then.

– When you reach the designated point as shown in the briefing page of each race, you can deactivate the pitlimiter and start your race. Not 1 meter before nor 10 after, but deactivate the pitlimiter when any part of your car is crossing the designated line/spot. Better to start 1 meter after the line than 10cm before and receive a penalty for false start.

– Use max the 2nd gear during the formation lap/phase, expecially during a slope. Is not allowed to gain some kmh during a slope.
In the case of a gain of speed and gap from the car ahead/behind, is mandatory to slow down and to restore the origial gap, as before the gain of speed.
In the case the gap is not restored, a penalty will be applied. The penalty consist on adding to the final race time the time gained + the double of it, so, in other words, the penalty in time is the seconds gained x 3. For example, gaining 5 seconds means a penalty of 5+(5*2) = 15 seconds.

– The seconds gained are rounded in/down according to the thents of the gap, +/- .500 seconds
Of course there is a small margin to the kmh gained, about 3-4 kmh for a fraction of time.

3. Weather

Weather is based on real track weather. This means if the virtual race start is 14:00, the server weather will be the real one in affect at 14:00 – track time.
The weather will be updated during the server reboot, and a wet practice server will be online 24/7 for each round.
Weather forecast will be posted in each race threads.

4. Skins

After the registration you will need to send us a custom skin. If you are not going to use a custom skin, you will need to tell us which stock skins you are going to use.
You need to place your number in your custom skin.
Skins submissions will have a deadline, please refer to the official thread for it.
We’ll provide a livery pack with both submitted and stock skins.

You might be able to update your custom skin during the championship, however this will be done only if a massive update is required.
If you don’t send us a custom skin, nor you tell us which stock one you want, you will be not admitted to race.

We may reject submitted skins if they goes against DX11 rules (ie. too shiny, oversaturated colors).
Profanity and sexual content are forbidden.

The car uses the new PBR system, so you will need to send us your DDS + Region.DDS + json file.
Please refer to the skin submission thread for further information and tutorials.

5. Points + Rules

NB: In order to score points, you must complete at least 70% of the race.

The worst personal race of the season will be discarded from the final standing, this allow you to miss 1 race without losing points.

Point systems for 45 min races, both for Gold and Silver:

The race of round 4 – Daytona – (90 min long), has double points.


1) Use your full name (Name Lastname) in rF2 and don’t change it during the season.
2) Special symbols are forbidden (ñ – ö – ß etc.), these symbols can cause a crash, replace them with a common symbol.
3) If you are going to miss a race let us know, so we can inform the drivers in the reserve list (if there will be a reserve list).
4) Chat is forbidden during official Qualy and Race sessions.
5) If you are late in the Q session, you can still join, however you will not be able to take part in it. You will become a spectator untill the session end and you will start from the back of the grid.
This is only to avoid lag spikes for the drivers who are fighting for the best lap.
6) We reserve the right to exclude a driver (with no refounds) if he/she is a danger for the other competitors.
7) Official race and qualy session will be restarted only if there is a massive drop of drivers in the grid.
The session will not be restarted for any other reason.
8) Each participant has the responsibility to read and follow the forum, as well as to thoroughly read the briefing for each race. The failure of these two tasks will lead to an exclusion from the championship.


Race direction members: (@elnando | Alessio F. – @krusti | Daniele V. – @Krusty | Eddy V.)

After a race you have to send an incident report through the incident report feature. We’ll review only the reported incidents, so be sure to report them! Incident reports must be submitted within 72h of the race end.

Each penalty will be applied in the following round, usually on the first laps of the race. If you miss the round when you are going to serve the penalty, you will serve it in the next race available.
You must serve your penalty after it is assigned by the race director, we are not responsible of what you do before the penalty is assigned by the race director.


Overtaking: Drive Through
Starting before the green flag: Stop & Go (automatically assigned by rf2)
Causing a crash: 30 sec Stop & Go

False start (before the designated point of the track): Drive Through
Causing an avoidable incident: Drive Through
Bad rejoin on track after a spin/incident: Drive Through
Ignoring Blue Flags for more than 20 seconds: Drive Through
Bump overtake (hit the car in front with a small or big tap and then overtake it): Drive Through (no penalty if the position is given back)
Causing an avoidable and huge crash: from 10 to 30 sec Stop & Go
Not respecting the yellow flag (overtake, additional crash etc): from a Drive Through to 30sec S&G
Unsportsmanlike: DQ or ban
Track Cutting: Drive Through (multiple little cuts) or Stop & Go (big cut)

If an incident is not worth a full penalty, or is not listed above, a warning is assigned. After 3 warnings in 3 different races (or 2 in the same race), a drive through penalty is assigned. Once the 3 warnings (or 2 in the same race) are reached, the count will start again from 0.

You can serve multiple stop&go in the same time, that means for example 2x 10 sec stop&go will become a single 20 sec stop&go. You can’t serve a stop&go during a tires change/refueling.

When you have a Stop & Go or a Drive Through, you are no longer forced to serve it within 3 laps, you can serve it whenever you want during the race or even not serve it, rF2 will automatically add you the right amount of seconds after the chequerd flag.
By introducing this, you are no longer forced to serve an unfair penalty (ie a mistake in the rf2 code), but you can keep racing and then, after the race, report to us when and where, we’ll review and decide to delete the penalty or not.

We don’t remove a penalty in real time during the race.
We remove (after the race as stated above) only penalties which are due to an rF2 mistake, a bug, or any other thing that is different from a personal mistake.
We don’t remove a penalty after 3 cuts, we remove the penalty if it’s given after an obvious exaggeration from rF2 after an off track and when there is an obvious loose of time.
We can UN-DQ during the race, please write to an admin in Discord and not in the in-game chat.

NOTE: when you get a right penalty, the time you lose serving it is way less than the time added after the race, so it’s up to you to decide to serve it or not.
If you are planning to do a pitstop and not serve a penalty, you have to select “NO” in the pitstop menu in order to avoid to serve a penalty.