Porsche Cup USA – Briefing – EN

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Round 7 Road Atlanta

Start procedure
Single file rolling start. There isn’t the typical rF2’s formation lap, but after having lined up on the grid, it is necessary to wait for the green lights that will start after the countdown visible in chat (at the end of the countdown the sequence of start lights is triggered, not directly the green light, so wait for it). At the green light, activate the pitlimiter and proceed in single file keeping your starting position. Keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you.
Do not overlap and do not pass, in case you pass by mistake, slow down and let the driver to re-pass you, otherwise a penalty will be assigned.
Do not deactivate the pitlimiter during the formation phase. In cause of troubles, slow down and reach the last car of the group, you can deactivate the pitlimiter in this case, only if you have issues and you need to catch the last car of the group, activate the pitlimiter again then.

When you reach the designated point, you can deactivate the pitlimiter and start your race. Not 1 meter before nor 10 after, but deactivate the pitlimiter when any part of your car is crossing the designated line. Better to start 1 meter after the line than 10cm before and receive a penalty for false start.

Start line – the last dotted line before turn 6.

This is the same kind of start in use on someothers renowned leagues, the only diffecence is that the designated point is not the start/finish line but is it in the first sector of the track, this to speed up the formation phase.

Track limits – general

Wheels must not exceed the curbs. In the case the wheels exceed the curb at the exit of a corner, but there isn’t a clear advantage, is not counted as a cut. Exceeding the curb at the apex of the corner is always forbidden, instead.

Track limits – turn 5

It is allowed to use all the curb at the exit of T5, inclued the following tarmac area.

General rules

The track is twisty and dangerous, so, as always, be carefull and think before ruining other drivers race.

Remember the addition of a new rule about the formation phase https://www.racesimulatoritaly.it/forum/viewtopic.php?f=83&p=4297#p4297

Respect the blue and yellow flag. Yellow flag means you have to slow down in order to avoid the danger and do not overtake. Overtakes during a yellow flag will be severely punished.

When you have a Stop & Go or a Drive Through, you are no longer forced to serve it within 3 laps, you can serve it whenever you want during the race or even not serve it, rF2 will automatically add you the right amount of seconds after the chequerd flag.
By introducing this, you are no longer forced to serve an unfair penalty (ie a mistake in the rf2 code), but you can keep racing and then, after the race, report to us when and where (through the incident report form), we’ll review and decide to delete the penalty or not.

NOTE: when you get a right penalty, the time you lose serving it is way less than the time added after the race, so it’s up to you to decide to serve it or not.
If you are planning to do a pitstop and not serve a penalty, you have to select “NO” in the pitstop menu in order to avoid to serve a penalty.