GT3 World Cup – Race Briefing

There will be no formation lap for this race. At the green light, start with the pitlimiter engaged and proceed in single file, leaving enough space from the car ahead of you, until the designated point, which is the Yokohama bridge at the exit of Aremberg turn as shown in the following images.

BLUE = the sector to drive at pitlimiter speed, in single file without overtaking
GREEN = start line



So, when YOU are under the bridge (and not 1 meter before), you can disengage the pit limiter and start your race.
No overtaking allowed during the procedure, that means you have to stay, at pitlimiter speed, behind the driver who is ahead of you in position, so check the qualification result to have a confirmation. If you are 4th after the qualification, you have to be 4th during the start procedure, simply as that. You can’t disengage the pit limiter during the procedure to gain space from the driver ahead, this will results in a penalty.
Any incident during the procedure will results in a double penalty, any incident during the start and the entire second sector of the first lap will results in a double penalty.
The race is long and the track is demanding, so there is no need to risk anything during the start.


Please note that the pitlane and pit spots are reversed here, that means the line to follow in the pitlane is in the right side (green line in the image), and the pit spots are placed following the red line.

Respect the yellow flags. Whether you don’t lift, brake, you take an advantage, you are involved in a crash or you cause an additional crash during a yellow flag, you will receive a S&G penalty up to 30 seconds. No exception
Respect the blue flags in Qualy and Race

Remember: If you get a unexpected or strange penalty, you can decide to not serve it. After the race, report it through the incident report feature, the race direction will decide to clear it or no.