Caterham7 Classic 1.4 K-Series

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Caterham7 Classic 1.4 K-Series

About this car:

This is entry level Caterham7 Classic edition 1.4 K-series.

As stock it comes with open differential, street tyres and 5 speed manualy H-pattern gearbox.
We have included some upgrades to this baby, the most significant one is the limited slip differential. The LSD makes the car faster around the track, but not neccessairly more fun. That is to anybodys preference.
You should almost treat it as two completely differend cars, one with open diff and one with LSD. So make sure you use differend setups for it.

The engine is humble inline 4 with peak 105HP and 128Nm of torque. This is not a dragster for sure. You will notice significant drag and with it also significant slip stream effect. Its a lot of fun close racing on these.

This car does not have any aids, no ABS, no Traction control, no auto blipping, nothing. Its all down to you. Its very lightweight and as such its quite
sensitive to setup changes, your over/understeer balance is mostly tweaked by adjusting the rake (front to rear ride height) but there are more means you can play around with.

I hope you enjoy it


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