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rF2 Optimization guide

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rF2 Optimization guide

Post by krusti » 07/05/2019, 15:34

Network settings
this step is very important, you must set this settings to fit your connection speeds.

Join a server, when you are in the car selection list, click BACK

and then NETWORK SETTINGS. These are my settings (i have 70mbit in download and 20 in upload)(note that upload in rf2 is the first in the list)

please set your network speeds by following these guide lines

Internet connection / Recommended network settings
1/512: Downstream: 1 mbps / Upstream: 512 kbps
2/512: Downstream: 2 mbps / Upstream: 512 kbps
4/1: Downstream: 4 mbps / Upstream: 1 mbps
10/1: Downstream: 10 mbps / Upstream: 1 mbps
20/2: Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 2 mbps
20/20: Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
50/50: Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
100/100: Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
300/300: Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps
500/500: Downstream: 20 mbps / Upstream: 20 mbps

You should NOT go below 512kbps - if you dont have the connection, please do not race in an international league - and there is no need to go past the 20 mbps.


Launcher video settings

In your launcher, go in video settings, and ensure under GPU you have the proper video card, not AUTO. Check this every time you launch rf2. Check if you have the proper refresh rate as well.

You can use anti-aliasing level 5 without issues.
For post effect, use max LOW setting when you want to race, and use MEDIUM-HIGH-ULTRA only for screenshots and videos.

If you want to use v-sync, use only the VIDEO v-sync.

My settings

In-game options

This really varies from pc to pc, my specs are: i7 6700k, gtx 970, 16gb ram, single full-hd monitor.
And these are my settings:

Circuit details: can be high-full without issues
Player details: can be high full without issues
Opponent details: is an issue if you put it high-full. It controls both the cars details as the livery details, having 40 livery in 4k in the race is an issue! So use low-medium when racing, and high-full only for screenshots and video.
Texture details: Can be full if you have a good GPU, otherwise use high.
Texture filters: i always used aniso x16 without issues, the game looks really sharp. Use x8 only if you have a weak GPU.
Special effects: is useless to have it higher than low, use low.
Shadows: This controls how many shadows you see, assuming the track creator did a good optimization job. Since this is almost never the case and shadows have a big impact on performance, use low.
Shadow blur: Useless and really heavy on performance, use off.
Soft particles: Any setting higher than low is useless and heavy, use low.
Rain drops: Cool, but heavy, low is enough when it's raining. When is not raining, set it to off, because it has a performance impact even if it's sunny with 50°C! If you plan to do a wet race, use low, if not, use off.
Road reflection: You see road reflections only with a wet track, use low, is enough. If you use off with a wet track, you are not able to recognize if the track is wet or not, so off is not recommanded.
Environment reflections: These are the reflections of the track object over the car, cool, but heavy if you have a weak GPU. With a weak GPU, use off, otherwise low is enough. Note, car reflections runs at very lof fps, they don't looks so cool. That's why you better use off when racing.
Visible vehicles: with a weak GPU, use ~10, otherwise ~20 is the right compromise.
Auto detail fps: use always off, otherwise you will see broken cars.


Turn off replay recording, it can causes stuttering and freezes, we provide you the race replay, so you don't need to record a replay.
Set the replay options as this screenshot


The Player.json is located in ...\rFactor 2\UserData\player
Open it with a text editor (notepad) and search:

"Headlights On Cars" - set this to false
"Max Headlights" - set this to 2
"Garage Detail" - set this to 0.1 (note, 0.1 and not 0,1)
"Max Framerate" - set this to whatever refresh rate you use + 1 (or +3 or +7)
Mine is a 60hz monitor, so i set "Max Framerate":67,
with a 120hz monitor set 121, 123 or 127 and so on.
I also use VIDEO v-sync in the laucher video settings, and rf2 is the smoothes game i have.
Nice guys finish last

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