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Hello fellow Sim racers

Presentati qui alla comunità!
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Hello fellow Sim racers

Post by Antoine » 11/01/2019, 11:23

Hey guys, and girls... If they're active on this forum.

My full name is Antoine Goossens and I've picked up Sim racing up again after a period of a year. I'm racing with a very close group of Dutch friends called FRT, Fair Racing Team. I've always seen Sim racing as a hobby, that has to be FUN to spend my time in... And plan to do so in future. Since I'm not as good as my friends, and owned a Mazda MX5 for many years for myself, I thought it would be good and a lot of fun to start of sim racing again with these great 'little' cars, organized by you guys.
So, to all.... Have some great and fair races, with nice battles and great championship cups.

:P :P

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Re: Hello fellow Sim racers

Post by .:KrustY:. » 11/01/2019, 17:37

Hello Antoine welcome
We are waiting for you on the track
This is our Discord channel https://discord.gg/QVYtQZ3


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Re: Hello fellow Sim racers

Post by krusti » 12/01/2019, 0:38

Welcome Antoine :) Yes we know your mates, we've raced many times against them in various sprint and endurance leagues :)
Hope you'll enjoy racing here!
Nice guys finish last

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