Formula RSI – Season 1

Info & Rules
Entry list
Driver briefing
Incident report

Bored about the GT classes? Then this might be what you are looking for!


Few months ago, Studio 397 released a free pack with high quality and very fun Tatuus cars. For this series, we will use the Tatuus F.3 T-318, the machine used in the first season of the W Series, the championship reserved to female drivers.



2x 25 minutes sprint races

Top 5 reversed in the grid for race 2

Live streaming every race






Round 1 - Dubai Gran Prix - October 21st

Round 2 - Curitiba - November 4th

Round 3 - Sao Paulo - November 18th

Round 4 - Nurburgring GP - December 2nd


The official qualifying session starts at 21:30 CEST/CET, whatever timezone is in affect in Rome.

Info & Rules

1. General info

1.1 Skins


2. Format & server info

2.1 Starting procedure

2.2 Weather


3. General rules


4. Penalties


5. Points


6. Misc


1. General info

Entry fee: none - free
Sim: rFactor 2
Max drivers number per server: 30

It's highly recommanded to join our Discord channel.


Registrations open: friday October 4th - 18:00 CEST


DLC required: Nurburgring

1.1 Skins

Skin transfer is active, just join with your custom skin. Is highly recommanded to create a virtual ride and join with it.

Profanity and sexual content are forbidden.
The skins must be done following the official guide lines:

2. Format & server info

Practice: 24/7
Server reboot: 20:00 CEST/CET
Qualifying: 10 min - 21:30 CEST/CET
Warmup: 10 min - 21:40 CEST/CET
Race 1: 25 min - 21:50 CEST/CET

Warmup 2: 10 min - 22:15 CEST/CET

Race 2: 25 min - 22:25 CEST/CET


Fuel cons.: x1
Tires wear: x1
TC/ABS: off
Auto-clutch: on
Damages rate: 100%
View: fixed - cockpit
Re-join: on


Server name: RSI - Formula RSI

2.1 Starting procedure

Manual formation lap followed by a standing start.

2.2 Weather

The weather is based on the real forecast of the closest place of the track.

Check the briefing page each race for the weather forecast.

3. General rules

1) Use your full name (Name Lastname) in rF2 and don’t change it during the season.
2) Special symbols are forbidden (ñ – ö – ß etc.), these symbols can cause a crash, replace them with a common symbol.
3) If you are going to miss a race let us know, so we can inform the drivers in the reserve list (if there will be a reserve list).
4) Chat is forbidden during official Qualy and Race sessions.
5) We reserve the right to exclude a driver (with no refounds) if he/she is a danger for the other competitors.
6) Official race and qualy session will be restarted only if there is a massive drop of drivers in the grid.
The session will not be restarted for any other reason.
7) Each participant has the responsibility to read and follow the forum, as well as to thoroughly read the briefing for each race. The failure of these two tasks will lead to an exclusion from the championship.
8) We reserve the right to edit/add rules if needed.

4. Penalties

The penalties will be assigned after the race (after the review of the race direction) and consists in seconds to add to the total race time, grid penalties on the following race and DQ.
The time to add to the total race time goes from 10 to 120 seconds, according to the nature of the incident.


Every driver has the duty to submit an incident report through the proper form, when needed.


Causing an incident
Bad rejoin on track after a crash/spin
Ignoring blue flag for more than 20 seconds
Bump overtake (hit and pass the car ahead - no penalty if the position is given back within the current and the following lap)
Ignoring yellow flags


False start: S&G
Unsportsmanslike behaviour: DQ or ban
Track cutting: Drive Through (smalls cuts) or Stop & Go (big single cut)



If an incident is not worth a full penalty, or is not listed above, a warning is assigned. After 3 warnings in 3 different races (or 2 in the same race), a 10 seconds penalty is assigned. Once the 3 warnings (or 2 in the same race) are reached, the count will start again from 0.

5. Points

Each drivers must have to complete at least the 70% of the race in order to score points.
DNFs don't receive points.


1 point is awarded for the best lap of the race.

6. Misc

It's possible to serve multiple S&G penalties in a single stop.
It's possible to serve a penalty in every moment of the race.
It's possible to not serve a penalty if it's due to a mistake of rF2, the game will automatically add you a amount of seconds after the chequerd flag. After the race, report it through the incident report form when and where, we’ll review and decide whether to delete the penalty or not.

We remove (after the race as stated above) only penalties which are due to an rF2 mistake, a bug, or any other thing that is different from a personal and human mistake.
We don’t remove a penalty in real time during the race.

Entry list
01 Jeffrey Camilleri VRMALTA
02 Alessio Feletto Team RSI
03 David Serra Asombik eSports Team
04 Manel Aguayo Asombik eSports Team
05 Osemi Fortunato Asombik eSports Team
06 Juan Carlos Fernández Asombik eSports Team
07 Andres Asiain Asombik eSports Team
08 Alejandro Enamorado Asombik eSports Team
09 Ilias Fernandez Asombik eSports Team
10 Al Jenero ALDAN Racing
11 Daniel Kristow ALDAN Racing
12 Ferran Grau Push Rod Racing
13 Marc Jiménez Push Rod Racing
14 Fernando Cerrato Push Rod Racing
15 Aitor Sintes Push Rod Racing
16 Marc Torres Push Rod Racing
17 Chris Vacca BadWolvesEsport
18 Massimiliano Ferrari BadWolvesEsport
19 Andres Valles Valles
20 Luke Hollom HRacing
21 Stephen Gibb SpeedyMite
22 Simone Checchi Pogliani Racing
23 Borja Hernandez MCMotorsport
24 Carlos Garriga MCMotorsport
25 Angel Sancho MCMotorsport
26 Michael Vigolo Fast&Furbos Racing
27 Andrea Corsetti Fast&Furbos Racing
28 Christian Befumo Fast&Furbos Racing
29 Battista Scalvini El Brocco
30 Javier Conti No Team
31 Manuel Farina DriveGameSeat Racing Team
32 Rocco Mina DriveGameSeat Racing Team
33 Tony Listan Blaze Racing Team
Driver briefing

Server password (valid for the entire championship): fz9

Joining the server without being registered to the championship is not allowed. Who keep joining after a first warning will receive a ban.


Race 1 - Dubai Grand Prix


Server reboot: 20:00 CEST/CET
Qualifying: 10 min - 21:30 CEST/CET
Warmup: 10 min - 21:40 CEST/CET
Race 1: 25 min - 21:50 CEST/CET

Warmup 2: 10 min - 22:15 CEST/CET

Race 2: 25 min - 22:25 CEST/CET


Manual formation lap followed by a standing start

Track limits


A maximum of two wheels can go beyond the white lines in every part of the circuit.



As you know, contacts with open wheelers cars are strictly forbidden, every drivers must pay attention in every moment of the race.

Each contact will be penalized as rules, and who shows to not be able to handle a fight with this type of car will be removed from the championship.

Remember, the damages rate is 100%

Respect yellow and blue flags in every session.

Incident report