RSI Race of Champions 2018 – Info & Rules

Sign-ups will starts from May 16th.


The entry list consists of 16 drivers and 5 reserves (in case one of the 16 drivers leave BEFORE the start of the tournament, it will be replaced by the first available reserve).
If one of the 16 drivers leave AFTER the start of the tournament, he will not be replaced by a reserve and penalities will be applied if necessary – read at the bottom of the page.


Day 1 – (Round of 16) 4 June – 21:30 CEST (8:30pm UK)

Day 2 – (Quarter-Finals) 11 June – 21:30 CEST (8:30pm UK)

Day 3 – (Semi-finals, 3rd place Final, 1st place Final) 18 June – 21:30 CEST (8:30pm UK)


7 CARS (fixed setups):

Skip Barber
EVE Historic F3
Caterham 7
Palatov D4
Abarth 500
Formula BMW
VW FunCup

Round of 16: Best of 5
Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Finals: Best of 7

Each duel will consist of 5 and 7 races of 3 laps each (being a circuit with a 8 shape, per lap we intend to cross the line in the lane where you started).

Each driver must choose a favourite car in the sign-up form, the first 2 races in each duel will be made with the choosen cars (first race: driver 1 favourite car – second race: driver 2 favourite car).
The remaining 3 or 5 races (depending on the tournament phase) will take place with cars raffled off from the list (excluding the 2 cars chosen by the drivers).


With registrations completed, the pairs of the first phase of the tournament will be created through 2 draw systems: the first will be manual, the second will be managed by the software of the tournament that will insert the driver in one of the free places on the table. The cars will be drawn on the afternoon of the race day and you will be informed on the forum and on Discord.

The first race of each day will start at 8:30pm UK (21:30 CEST), there will be free practice before the 1st race.
The order of the duels will follow the order of the table, from top to bottom.

All the registered drivers are allowed to join the server in any moment during the 3 days, but only the 2 challenging drivers are allowed to join the track at their turn (after selecting the established car). As mentioned, the order of the duels will follow the one of the table, plus you will be informed both in Discord and on the server chat (it is your concern to be present at your turn).

Server Settings

Name: RSI ROC 2018
Password: we’ll send it after the sign-up
AIDs: auto-clutch
Start type: standing
Setups: fixed
Damages rate: 100%
Laps: 3 full laps (in rF2 you will see 6 laps)

Additionals rules

By signing up for the tournament you are committed to being present at each of the 3 days in which you are allowed to participate.

In case of absence without warning you will be excluded at any RSI event – championship for the following 6 months.

In case of absence you’ll lose and the challenger will be promoted to the next phase.