GT3 World Cup – Info & Rules ENG

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1. General info
2. Format & Server info
2.1 Race start procedure
3. Teams
4. Cars + skins
5. Points + Rules

1. General info

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SIMULATOR: rFactor 2


PRICE/ENTRY FEE: Free, however we accept any kind of donation, donate HERE


GT3 Pack


2. Format & Server info

Practice 24/7
Qualy – 20 min | 21:30 CEST/CET
Warmup – 5 min | 21:50 CEST/CET
Race – 60 min | 21:55 CEST/CET

Fuel x1
Tire wear x5
Manual rolling start under pitlimiter (*2.1)
Time Scale x1

TC/ABS: factory (ON – configurables on multiple levels)
Automatic Clutch: on

Free Setups
Free Strategy

Server name: RSI GT3 World Cup
Password: will be sent by email after the sign-up

2.1 Race start procedure

Races will start with a single file formation lap under pitlimiter, followed by a rolling start.
At the green lights, each driver must start with the pitlimiter already engaged, and is required to follow the driver ahead without overlapping.
A driver is allowed to disengage the pitlimiter and start when he reach the spot of the track decided by the race direction (refer to each race threads).
So, you will start when you reach the spot, not the leader.

During the formation lap each driver is required to keep a single file formation, maintaining a safe distance to other drivers.
Overlapping and overtaking are forbidden.
Disengage the pitlimiter in order to gain time to the driver ahead is forbidden.
Avoid to do burnouts to warm up the tires and avoid brake checking.

If a driver have any kind of issue, a spin, an hardware failure ect, must wait for the field to go past and then reach the last position disengaging the pitlimiter if needed.
Is not possible to regain the losts positions.

3. Teams

Each teams can have max 2 drivers, 1 driver/car.
The chosen car must be the same for both drivers, however we are ready to change this rule in the case there is a high demand.
There will be both driver standing & team standing.

4. Cars + Skins

Car choice is free, however, you will not be able to change it once the championship is started (test race NOT included!).

During the sign-up procedure you will need to tell us if you are going to use a custom skin or a stock one, we’ll provide a livery pack with both submitted skins and stock skins.
You will be able to update your custom skins during the championship.
If you will not send us a skin, we’ll assign to you and to your teammate a random skin from the stock ones.

Please refer to the official thread for skin submission deadline.
We may reject submitted skins if they goes against DX11 rules (ie. too shiny, oversaturated colors).

5. Points + Rules

NB: In order to score points, you must complete at least 70% of the race.

The worst 2 personal races of the season will be discarded from the final standings, this allow you to miss 2 races without losing points.


1) Complete min 20 valid laps during the 2 practice weeks.
2) Set a lap in the 106% of the best overall lap during the 2 practice weeks. RULE EXPLAINED
Both requirements must be completed before 21:00 CEST/CET of the race day.

There will be no exceptions.
You can check your laps through the Hotlaps feature (Main menu above).


1) Use your full name (Name Lastname) in rF2 and don’t change it during the season.
2) Special symbols are forbidden (ñ – ö – ß etc.), these symbols can cause a crash, replace them with a common symbol.
3) If you are going to miss a race let us know, so we can inform the drivers in the reserve list (if there will be a reserve list).
4) If you miss 2 races without let us know, you will be removed from the championship and a reserve will take your place.
5) Chat is forbidden during official Qualy and Race sessions.
6) If you are late in the Q session, you can still join, however you will not be able to take part in it. You will become a spectator untill the session end and you will start from the back of the grid.
This is only to avoid lag spikes for the drivers who are fighting for the best lap.


Race direction members: (@elnando | Alessio F. – @krusti | Daniele V. – @Krusty | Eddy V.)

After a race you have to send an incident report to an Admin (members of the race direction). We’ll review only the reported incidents, so be sure to report them!

Each penalty will be applied in the following round, usually on the first laps of the race. If you miss the round when you are going to serve the penalty, you will serve it in the next race available.


Overtaking and overlapping: Drive Through
Starting before the spot: Drive Through
Disegnaging the pitlimiter and gaining time:Drive Through
Causing a crash: Stop & Go

Causing an avoidable incident: Drive Through
Bad rejoin on track after a spin/incident: Drive Through
Ignoring Blue Flags for more than 20 seconds: Drive Through
Bump overtake (hit the car in front with a small or big tap and then overtake it): Drive Through (no penalty if the position is given back)
Causing an avoidable and huge crash: 10 sec Stop & Go
Taking a massive advantage and overtaking during a yellow flag: Drive Through
Unsportsmanlike: DQ or ban
Track Cutting: Drive Through (multiple little cuts) or Stop & Go (big cut)

When you have a Stop & Go or a Drive Through, you are no longer forced to serve it within 3 laps, you can serve it whenever you want during the race or even not serve it, rF2 will automatically add you the right amount of seconds after the chequerd flag.
By introducing this, you are no longer forced to serve an unfair penalty (ie a mistake in the rf2 code), but you can keep racing and then, after the race, report to us when and where, we’ll review and decide to delete the penalty or not.

NOTE: when you get a right penalty, the time you lose serving it is way less than the time added after the race, so it’s up to you to decide to serve it or not.
If you are planning to do a pitstop and not serve a penalty, you have to select “NO” in the pitstop menu in order to avoid to serve a penalty.